Manifest of Russian Minarchism

There has come 2017 date of century anniversary of October revolution or Bolshevik’s revolution headed and controlled by Slavic Jews. Revolt has been directed on destruction of the thousand-year Russian state based by Finno-Ugric peoples of Eurasia than 1500 years ago and becoming Orthodox more than 1100 years ago.

Russia and its elite have been missed by efforts of revolutionary and religious extremists through meat grinder of terror and civil war when the present genocide of the radical Russian population owning the basic means of production on village and in the industry has been untied. People have been subjected to genocide on the basis of social and religious intolerance, millions best sons of Fatherland are destroyed; factories and co-operatives, palaces and estates, temples and mosques are destroyed. The repressive machine of revolution and civil war has headed CHEKA, created on December 20, 1917 transformed then to NKVD-KGB-FSS.

In 2000 in Russia former security officers have seized power, having transformed her in version of business when the profit is taken from an administrative resource, and having made Russia the most corrupt and criminal state of the world. In due course the basic riches and financial streams of the country have come into the hands of confidants of the authoritative governor, given out tidbits the campaigners. Russia from communistic Utopia has rushed in other extreme measure of wild or more true feudal-oligarchical capitalism, when one near person tries to operate all problems of the country. Private and public funds of the mass information at the rigid control of the Kremlin have turned to the refined tool with which help the authority has perfectly learned to manipulate the majority of the population, having created from the president an image of the skillful and explanatory head which does not correspond to the validity.

Actually the authority in Russia today has all same revolutionary extremists who were disappointed in attempts to construct communism for people, but have created it for itself and the families due to the population. Externally Russian mode looks conservative, but actually it protects gains of revolution of 1917 for the adherents – security officers and Slavic Jews, privatizing the government and national property. In result the Kremlin mode has got Russia in strategic impasse, has preserved the existing status quo and has provided economic and technological backlog of Russia on tens year from the advanced countries of world civilization.

Preservation of authority has been carried out by restriction of political and social freedom, creation of enormous break in incomes between a top and the simple population, formations of huge class of officials and employees of power structures, acceptances of weight of anti-constitutional laws and certificates. Besides by continuous disinformation and lie in mass-media, launch enmity, aggressive and annexation wars with the next and next states.

In the come 2017 the Kremlin is going to celebrate widely anniversary of bloody October revolution, thus having immortalized crimes of extremists and destruction of Russian statehood. The main idea of authority became paradigm according to which till 1917 all was bad therefore Russia ostensibly has only 100 years of progressive history.

However today Russia is requires national and social reconciliation through which have passed all revolutionary countries of the civilized world. Within the framework of this process it is necessary to lead restitution, to return to Russia of descendants of millions the emigrants who have left in the past the country, legislatively to forbid all terrorist and extremist organizations, such as CHEKA-NKVD-KGB-FSS, and communistic ideology. It is necessary for Russia to lead full de-communization of the countries, having cleared the ground from monuments and names of cities, the areas and the streets devoted to figures of communistic mode. It is necessary to clean the mausoleum from the Red area and re-funeral Lenin's spread out corpse.

Alternative to an existing deadlock way of development of Russia we offer becoming Russian Minarchism, monarchism basing Russian thousand-year tradition. Minarchism is branch of philosophical current libertarianism. His bases were developed by Soviet academician Vladik Sumbatovich Nersesyants.

Minarchism this doctrine that functions and powers of the state should be minimal, being limited to protection of freedom and the property of each citizen or the person staying in territory of the state.

"Concept" freedom » is opposite to concepts "arbitrariness", "willfulness", "violence" … In conditions is state - organized societies freedom is possible and valid only as the right valid [1] »

« In conditions of mutual conformity of freedom, the right and the law validity the norm representing measure of freedom possesses only. Value of the right just also will be that the right designates sphere, borders and structure of freedom, acts as the form, norm and the measure of freedom which have received due to legislative recognition official state protection [1] »

The basic functions of the state in Russia should be [2]:

1) Protection of society as whole from overseas aggressors and 2) all his members, as far as possible, from oppression and injustice on the part of other members of society; and also 3) creation and maintenance of the various state enterprises and the institutes providing « public blessings ».

« It is important, that the government did not carry out, better or worse, those functions which and so individuals carry out, it should do that now is not done in general [3] »

The authority is engaged in taxation, but all collected taxes spend only for judicial, law-enforcement, defensive and general administrative activity of the state.

The updated Russian state should be based on principles Civilism, as the philosophically-legal concept of post socialist social order. Civilism means formation from the state, largest private and socialist property privatized by the Kremlin clan, the new and public civil property.

« Actually the owner of the civil property will receive part of monetary incomes only corresponding to his ideal share from objects of the general property. These monetary receipts on special accounts of everyone can be designated as real share of the owner of the civil properties of which it can dispose at own discretion. The civil property as an ideal share by the nature cannot be withdrawn from the general property and cannot be a subject of any transaction. She has personally certain, inalienable character and belongs to the citizen from birth to death [4] »

According to the concept, legal transformation of attitudes of the property will mean transition to new – to post-capitalist and post-socialist social order within the framework of which the contradiction between capitalism as system will dialectically be removed, basing on private property, and socialism as system, based on communistic idea of denying of private property. Academician V.S. Nersesyants considered that the idea Civilism dialectically removes defects of capitalism and socialism, therefore can and should become national idea of Russia [5].

We believe that in conditions of historical and cultural experience of Russia, the concepts of Minarchism and Civilism can exist only at constitutional monarchy led by Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich. The paradox of idea of monarchic development libertarianism the theory of Minarchism is based that founders and carriers of the law and the right in Russ were and there are representatives of the most ancient patrimonial aristocracy, capable to provide becoming and protection of institutes of freedom in Russia.

For realization of objects in view in Russia it is required to reduce the bureaucratic and power device in hundreds times, to liberate the creative and enterprise initiative of broad masses, to involve all population in manufacture of the goods and services, to provide availability of social lifts and equality of all participants of the market before the law and financial institutions.

All political responsibility for formation of the updated Russia and conformity of norms of level of freedom, the right and the law to modern requirements, representatives of kin of Russ, founded will undertake Russian statehood. Only the kin of Russ can guarantee to all citizens of Russia of their right and freedom, and also worthy management of the civil public property.

Otherwise in Russia again relapses of capture of levers of an administrative resource and national riches separate adherents of criminal and corrupt clans also will be observed.

The present Manifest of Russian Minarchism we declare the alternative beginning of new stage of steady development of the advanced, innovative and prospering Russia.

Russia is forward!

Grand Prince Prof. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev Rurikovich


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